Dr. Singh provides emergency reconstructive services to men, women and children of all ages at Emergency Rooms in NYU Langone Long Island, St. Francis Hospital, St. Joseph Hospital and Mercy Hospital.

Such injuries include:

  • Complex lacerations
  • dog bites
  • amputations
  • traumatic hand injuries that involve tendons, nerves, ligaments and/or muscle
  • fractures and dislocations of fingers

It is important to know when you present to the Emergency Room for such injuries that –


Plastic Surgical care in the ER effects the long-term outcome of many injuries. Plastic Surgeons are specially trained in techniques that help to minimize scarring and maximize lifelong functionality. The sooner a Plastic Surgeon is consulted for the injuries noted above, the better a patient’s chances are for a full recovery.

The best time to see a Plastic Surgeon is at the time an injury is repaired in the ER, not after the fact.

Our office phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you think you have an injury that requires a Plastic Surgeon you can call our office directly and we can guide your care through the ER.


Q: What if Dr. Singh does not participate with my insurance and he treats my injury in the ER?

A: In New York State under Insurance Law §4303 and according to a decision by the New York State Insurance Department:

In an emergency, an insurance company is obligated to pay the hospital or any other health care professional regardless of whether or not they
are part of the member’s network. Insurance companies may negotiate the amount paid to the provider, however it is the responsibility of the
insurer that the member has no further financial obligation for emergency services than they would if they had been treated by an in-network

Therefore, you do not need to worry if you see Dr. Singh in the Emergency Room as a result of an accident or injury. If needed, Dr. Singh’s knowledgeable office staff will help guide you through the billing process so that you or your loved one can focus on healing and recovery.